FRIGOVENT air curtains for cold store doors and freezer rooms
THERMOVENT air curtains for service doors and factory gates

Sliding strip curtains

Strip curtains tight door openings with overlap-
ping flexible PVC strips from the fall up to the floor. Drafts, noise, cold, heat, smoke and dust is kept away.
Energy losses and working-disabilities can be avoided. Strip curtains prevent cold air loss when doors are open.
We use glass clear PVC strips with rounded sides. All curtains running SVM and SVS are equipped with red-transparent limiting stripes.
Except from cold-resistant drapes. Except from cold-resistant drapes.

1st Particularly suitable for use in the food trade and industry.

2nd The material is according to U.S. MVSS 302 „non-flammable.“ The fire behavior conforms to DIN 53 382 „it does not burn or glow anymore“ and DIN 4102 B2.

3rd All fittings are made of stainless steel!

4th Physiologically correct PVC Strip

5th The glassclear transparency of the strip curtain makes a risk-free driving through the door opening from both sides possible.
The accident risk is reduced considerably.

6th Soft, smooth stripes that glide above the driver and cargo. Because of their low

  weight, flexibility and the rounded edges, the transport through the door opening is hardly hindered.

Types of stripes:

Soft PVC stripes,
200 x 2 mm, 300 x 3 mm, 400 x 4 mm.

1st Normal Quality: (0°C to 60°C)
Stripes in clear-transparent (milkytrans-
parent an extra charge) with the option of limiting bands in red-transparent, without extra charge.

2nd Cold-resistant quality
(permanent use -35 ° C).
Stripes only in clear-transparent (milky-
transparent extra charge) available.

Running and support rails in stainless steel.

The delivery comes disassembled.


Sliding strip curtains - slidable to two sides or one side

Sliding strip curtains
a) 2 parts slidable to two sides


b) 1 part slidable to one




Mounting at the lintel

Sliding strip curtains - slidable above each other

Strip curtains 2-parts for back to back mounting
a) One strip curtain FIX. One strip curtain MOBILE.
b) Both strip curtains MOBILE


a) Back to back mounting of one curtain
FIX and one curtain MOBILE.
Mounting below the lintel.


b) Back to back mounting of two
curtains MOBILE.
Mounting below the lintel.